So, this is more like a throwback story. Happened a while ago. Very terrible experience.

Like I said earlier, I love entering okada. But one thing that always seemed weird to me was people entering okada while wearing suits. Seeing that never sat well with my spirit for some reason. Especially those ones that their ties would be swaying in the wind.

Little did I know that the universe had bigger plans for me. That day, I had a presentation so, I had to suit myself. You know, the three piece suit and tie, you know mans had to impress. Getting to the destination was smooth- no traffic, no road madness at all. It was going to be a good day, so I thought.

The presentation went smoothly, thank you for asking. Oya, time to go home, mad rain started so, I had to wait a little. When the rain subsided a bit, I made my way home. Everywhere was just so disgusting and I had to walk extra carefully because I didn’t want to stain my suit.

I got to the bus stop and there was no bus, no keke, only OKADA. I told myself never. That I would rather wait under the drizzle than enter okada with my suit. About 30 minutes later, I was still standing there, hopeless. I finally decided to give in and enter okada thinking it would be the first and the last time. My village people were looking at me like:

I got to the next bus stop and still, no bus. So many passengers waiting, rain still pouring. I told myself that I would enter the next bus no matter what. The next bus came and we all rushed to enter. Unfortunately, I got there just as the bus got full. The conductor then told me to hang on the bus that someone was going to drop at the next bus stop. After all my shakara, I jumped and hung on the bus. I still dont know what came over me. As the bus sped off, there I hung, wind in my beard, rain on my face, laptop in hand, mud on legs. At that point, I decided not to think about anything.

To make matters worse, some passengers in the bus started teasing me, saying “lawyer” “lawyer no fall oo” . The skies cried on my behalf. Finally, someone got down and I could finally sit down and rest, yes? No. The seat I was on, the roof was leaking. I just gave up at this point. The conductor was then telling me that I was already wet so it didn’t matter. Can you imagine😑😑

When I got to my stop, I didnt think twice. I just took okada straight home. By the time I got to my house, I looked like I just finished dancing in the rain with a pig that was regurgitating. Terrible day for me.


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