Not too Fast but very Furious

A lot of things can destroy your day in this Lagos and nobody is off limits. Even drivers and conductotors sometimes are not the ones doing the madness and the madness cloud shifts to another set of individuals. The traffic officials.

Not too long ago I was on a bus from orile to 1st gate. The bus had a calming atmosphere which was quite surprising everything was going soomthly until a traffic warden stopped the bus. He did not even flag down the bus and allow the driver to park and allow traffic to continue moving. He just stood in front of the bus with his palm out. I said which kind of low budget superman does this one think he is. The traffic warden then began asking for “settlement” and the driver said he didn’t have anything to give because his bus had been in the workshop undergoing repairs all day and he just started work. This warden did not want to hear oh like he actually said “….. I don’t have wife and children I am ready to die here you must gimme this money”. See….ehn there are mad people abeg.

The driver then maneuvered his bus and began to drive away only for the warden to alert his partner who was a little way off. That one (mumu) now tried to jump in front of the bus to do only God knows what. When you’re not Sakura. In the scuffle she fell down and hurt her knee I think. But we kept driving we didn’t care. We had driven for about 3 minutes when the conductor looked out and said “O boy dem dey pursue us o!!” He immediately got in and shut the door. We were doing correct Fast and Furious (but without the explosions of course). At this point I was like….

(even though I was in danger).

Eventually the “police vehicle ” chasing us caught us and out came naval officials….the way the conductor’s face changed was too. Fucking. FunnyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. They pulled out the driver and started slapping him; calling him a murderer for almost knocking down the (very stupid) warden. The conductor was almost in tears. Thankfully all of us in the bus had sense and we rushed out to fight for the driver and explain everything that happened from the beginning. Apparently the naval officials only saw the bit where it looked like he knocked over the warden (it also didn’t help that the warden was female).

Eventually they let him go and drove off. No apology. No nothing. The poor man got into the bus and just sat holding the steering wheel staring at nothing. You could see he was battling with his inner demons. Everybody was telling him sorry but it was only his conductor that got through to him.

Lagos is not for the weak mehn the people you think are mad have mad people that torment them as well.


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  1. β€œthe people you think are mad have mad people that torment them as well”
    I died πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Low budget superman and (low budget) Sakura
    Nice one

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