Advice for the Rainy Season

I’ve decided to use my personal experiences to give you guys advice for this rainy season. Please pay attentionπŸ˜„

1. Don’t enter public transport πŸ˜‚. This is the most important. But if you have no choice, keep reading then.

2. Never sit near the windows. Most of them are either broken, absent or they don’t close at all. You don’t want to look like a wet fowl before you get to your destination. Also, there’s the risk of cars splashing water through the window.

3. Avoid ancient looking buses. Most of them have holes on the roof and even underneath so, you’ll still get wet, and mud could get on your shoes. And there is also the risk of the bus breaking down while it’s raining, even in the middle of a flood.

4. Avoid okada if you can. There’s a 95% chance that your feet will get stained, and the wheels of the bike will assist the dirt on the floor to do cartwheels at the back of your shirt. Also, you’re vulnerable to all the bad things that could happen. Only enter during emergencies.

5. Prepare for traffic. This is a likely event. As if the traffic during the dry season is not bad enough, now you have to deal with traffic in flood. The combination of bad roads, bad drainage, mad drivers and regular traffic. That’s not bound to end well.

6. Avoid confrontations with the conductors. Most of them bathe less this period and their aura will be dangerous to your health. One of them has even admitted that he only washes his face because the weather was too cold for him.

7. Carry change. The last thing you want to do is to start arguing with the conductor for change under the rain when you want to come down. Will waste both your time and your outfit.

8. Carry insecticideπŸ˜‚. This might sound like a joke but there are more mosquitoes in buses this season. Amongst many other insects that will be taking refuge in the bus. The only problem is, how will you spray it with other passengers present? Better still, just have something to fend them off for the duration of the journey.

9. Avoid entering public transport at night. The bus can get into potholes because of the dark. And you might even jump into the gutter while coming down at your bus stop. Remember the drainage in Lagos is bad. You’re also less likely to get help if anything bad happens.

10. Eat before going out. Traffic this period is unpredictable because you can spend lots of hours on the road and the roadside hawkers are fewer. Even some of them utilise the opportunity to sell expired or fake things because customers won’t have time to check the products.

I think I have covered the most important aspects. Feel free to comment on any other survival tips you have. Also, there’s a new hilarious post dropping tomorrow.

Don’t forget, avoid public transport if you can this periodπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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  1. I couldn’t stop laughing whole reading this… Say na carry insecticide🀣🀣🀣🀣.
    Very useful tips here, thanks for sharing.


  2. This story, covers almost everything that I have gone through.
    I have gone through almost everything, especially not sitting by the window and leaking roofs, but you can never avoid both of them, one must come up.

    One advice you missed, which is very paramount is, CARRY YOUR UMBRELLA!!!!!!!
    Oh and also, CARY RAIN BOOTS, especially “if you LiVE oN tHE IslANd”


  3. The truth is, Lagos is bad and I am totally stressed this rainy season.. waking up in the morning to go out is even a night mare…. And don’t forget… Hold excess cash cause u might not even see danfo. If u finally see, it isn’t the regular price… Eat properly and hit the gym too to avoid been pushed over… So help us God.


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