As the name implies, I was thoroughly beaten by rain. Soaked to my skin. Getting beaten by rain makes you re-evaluate your life choices. You’re coming back from work jeje and the sky just lets loose on your head and you start to think about your mates who have cars or drivers….or money to order an uber. But God will do it for us.

The day started out fine. I woke up in a really good mood (which is rare). I did my morning routine and set out to work like a respectable member of society. Lol .I didn’t know what was going to happen eventuarry.

By quarter to 3 the sky got dark. From nowhere, serious, heavy, angry looking clouds rolled into the sky…I told myself “Senju, today Is finally gonna be the day you perish. ”

However nothing was going to stop me. I was tiiired and I just wanted to get home and be in my bed so I looked at the clouds like..

a thousand of you cannot stop me.

I finished at the office around 6. By then the rain was furious. There was no one. Literally no one on the road. Yall gon’ think Im crazy but …I took off my shoes put them under my desk and did the whole journey home Barefoot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. (It felt very liberating I must add.)

The journey back home required two bus rides and one keke. After walking for about 5 minutes I got the first bus. Now this bus was like the inside of a freezer…..(when there hasn’t been light for 2 months). It was stuffy and cramped and because the windows were shut, all the odours blended into one fatal scent. One woman was in the far corner eating hot okpa(only God knows where she got it). Another man smelled like Goko cleanser, there was a man in the front with a big bag of okporoko (stockfish). Fortunately, I got to my stop fairly quickly because the road was free and the driver was a speed junkie.

The second bus took ages to arrive. That was where the rain really dealt with me. I started praying for super powers so that I could just teleport away from there. It was kinda fun to watch the men running for cover with their valuables under their shirts and the ladies with shoprite bag on their heads πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. One particular lady didn’t even bother to cover her hair. She wasn’t even running. She was the real definition of no fucks given. Eventuarry a bus arrived and I crawled in and sat beside a woman with two kids. First of all. If you want to have kids please be able to afford them!! I don’t understand; you will enter bus with two children and pay for one seat. So that what? I will lap the extra child for you? What if I don’t want to lap? (I actually don’t want to lap)……..I sha lapped the woman’s child. The fool was now eating biscuit like a raccoon and getting the crumbs all over me. Thank God for earphones honestly. I finally got to the next stop after what felt like an eternity by then I looked like I took a whole box of cabin and poured it all over my body. Now the whole time I was in the bus it had a strange odour…like a goat basically. It wasn’t until I got up from my seat that I realized that there was actually a goat in the bus!! It was wedged into the space between my seat and the “boot” (the bus didn’t really have a boot).

By the time I got to the last lap of my journey it was well past 8pm. Fortunately, I didn’t spend a long time waiting for a keke to come by. Now we were all guys in the keke and roughly around the same age bracket so all it took was the driver to say “which kind rain be this sef” and we all started gisting. So we are gisting for like 2 mins and we all go quiet almost instantly. There was an old lady standing in the middle of the road right in the middle of the flood zone. She was standing on a small rock that was just enough for her two feet. She looked so helpless and confused. We all thought it was funny in our minds but nobody wanted to laugh until my dumb ass went…

then we burst out laughing. Please don’t judge us because God already did. Not long after, our keke broke down. It was no longer funny. I decided to walk the rest of the way home since it broke down not too far from where I would normally have gotten off. All I could think of was I sha reach house. As for the other guys wetin concern me? I didn’t force them to laugh.


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  1. It’s funny because I know exactly how this feels.
    Once I was going for an event and it rained! I was on Okada and my shoes got messed up. I had to buy pure water and napkin to properly clean my shoe.
    It wasn’t easy because there were lots of people staring.

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