The long haul

So……yeah the long year is done. For those of you who have stuck with us you know we’ve been out serving the nation and getting our patriot hats on, but all that is over now. Honestly I felt like I hadn’t really entered 2020 until the service was over.

Journeys come in different forms; natural hair journey, journey of self discovery, weight loss journey (lol good luck with that), no matter what you’re on there’s always going to be traffic which is basically people or experiences that delay your arrival time.

My year was a big rollercoaster. See me thinking Enugu was going to be all fun and games and hiking. Lol Egungun was not ready. One thing I realised however was that Lagos is proof that this country can work but we are all too distracted by the traffic to see it. (It’s ironic I know don’t bite me).. The amount of tribal sensitivity is definitely higher outside of Lagos and its something that kind of bothered me. I almost felt like I wasn’t Igbo even though I was.

I met a lot of people during the long year…..and I must say…. People dey mehn. people dey this life. During the shit storm that was NYSC it took me a lot to realize that on the journey of life some people are hidden jewels, some are tourist attractions and others are basically just checkpoints. No shade. I personlly don’t believe in the concept of “The one”. Different people mean different things to different people at the end of the day plus people change so who is this “one”.

The journey back to lagos was the best I’ve ever had. The legroom! It was heaven. I had an extra seat to myself because the occupant was late and we left without him. I slept well. I hadn’t realized just how many checkpoints there are until today. The driver kept saying it was proof that the President was trying to subjugate the south east/ south west because up North there are no checkpoints which is ironic because that is where all the madness is. It lowkey scares me how many Nigerians want the country to divide because that is all they kept talking about.

It’s been quite a year for us and we’d like to thank you guys for reading our bants. The Traffic. Inn just turned one and we are glad yall have stayed this long. Now there’s nowhere to run to its us against this Lagos thing.

How has the long year been for you?


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