Just Catching Up

Hey guys, it has been a while since we posted and we apologize, we hope you missed us just as much as we missed you. Adulthood has really had us in a chokehold for the last couple of months.

In other news, the country has gotten a lot crazier in the past couple of months; every now and then armed people just show up and cause a little skirmish here and there yunno nothing too serious; nothing a night vigil cant fix. But as always the effects of the state of the nation on Lagos and Lagosians will always slap different. The one that pains me the most is the increase in food prices. Brothers and sisters Gala is now starting to sell for 70 naira – some people will sell you 3 for 200. Lets not even talk about coke and lacasera. We have gotten to the point where if you go out, you’d really have to think twice before buying anything to eat in traffic because that one gala could be the difference between getting home and being stranded on the streets. You people should be eating well before you go out because……

e be like we go start to dey carry lunch box now o

There has also been a general rise in stress levels I personally can attest to that. This week I had a little spat with a conductor; it really wasn’t that big a deal I was reaching the end of my trip so the natural thing to do would be to ask for my change but this bich was ignoring me. I tend to shy away from confrontation so usually I just fashi until I get to my bus stop then I ask again as I’m getting off but that day the stress of Lagos just did not blend with my horoscope I did not know when I just said “abi this one dey crase ni”…..well he heard and we began exchanging insults and I became that person. Lagos will test your patience. I sha collected my change – God go punish am.

A lot of private car owners are starting to pick passengers for a fee and drop them along the routes that they would normally take to their homes. Everywhere don dey red. After wearing suit and tie you will now come and be doing “please enter with your change“.

I have also been witnessing a lot of people falling off bikes; ok not a lot, but in the last 7 days I have seen 3 people fall off bikes mostly when the bike is trying to climb a sidewalk and they don’t do it properly; its a tragic experience, but.. its funny.

E fit be me actually because I’ve been using bikes a lot lately; the traffic is unbearable theses days and with the reports of daytime armed robbery, I think id rather take my chance with Okadas than be a sitting duck…..but the governor said we should just roll up our windows and the robbers would go away so maybe its not that bad.
Covid SEEMS to be leaving us alone from what I can see; restaurants are no longer enforcing the mask policy, people are partying HARD, weddings seem to be going back to normal from what I can see on social media – everybody is gbe body’ing together- so maybe this December is gonna be a detty one fingers crossed. Or maybe Nigerians don’t give a shit anymore.

The Nigerian Government always tries their best to outdo themselves and drag the bar even lower, if China is playing dirty, then Nigeria is already rolling in the mud. Well they have blocked us from using our beloved Bird app and we have already adjusted; it really saddens me sometimes when I see the way Nigerians shrug off things and “move on” but in the end this too shall pass and we hope the people responsible pass as well.

We really hope you guys have all been well and “staying safe”, thank you guys for sticking with us even though this page has been dry for a minute but we are working on some new shit so please follow us on our instagram and for those of us who are experiencing Lagos traffic from the UK, US and Amsterdam follow us on Twitter. In the end this country will not finish us we will finish this country;

finish in the right way o abeg.

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