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Drinker with a writing problem.

A Tale of Two Cities

I hate this country sometimes, genuinely. Too many things are actually wrong but our constant adaptation might be making us oblivious to the facts. You know how most of my posts are about Lagos? Now, I’m going to add a new city in the picture, Sango-Ota in Ogun State. This might be one of my…

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Public Transport Daredevils

Let me even ask, who do you think the daredevils of public transport are? I know you’ll probably say okada riders…hmm, or maybe conductors? I am here to tell you that the real daredevils are the people who are not even involved in driving, the AGBEROS (touts). And if you really think about it, you’ll…

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Conductor, COVID and Commotion

Hey there. I’m sorry my posts have become less frequent, but you know that I really can’t pray that I get bad experiences­čśé. I was even grateful for the break. There have been things happening though, but nothing substantial enough for a story. We’re in a very troubling period with all the madness that’s happened…

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