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Laugh Now, Cry Later

The leg room was even the least of my problems. Two people hanging on the bus meant two armpits open….two armpits that were right under my nose😭😭. And yes, they both smelled bad....

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Public Transport Daredevils

Let me even ask, who do you think the daredevils of public transport are? I know you’ll probably say okada riders…hmm, or maybe conductors? I am here to tell you that the real daredevils are the people who are not even involved in driving, the AGBEROS (touts). And if you really think about it, you’ll…

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Daytime Nightmare

Lagos is the ghetto. I don’t care where you live. From the island to the mainland to the lowland….it’s all ghetto because I don’t know how you want to enjoy that mansion in Osborne when you spend most of your life in traffic. Can I just say this though some of these face masks are…

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